About me

My training as a pre-doctoral researcher, the experience as post-doctoral researcher and my participation in several research projects have consolidated my professional expertise in green electrochemical engineering, focused in the fields of metals resource recovery and wastewater treatment.

Jordi Carrillo Abad

I received my bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering in 2009, and my master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering and Environment (2011) from the Universitat Politècnica denValència (UPV). I was awarded for the best academic track record in Chemical Engineering among all graduates in the academic year 2008/2009. From 2007 to 2010 I enjoyed several collaboration scholarships funded by the UPV, one of which was obtained thanks to my degree’s award.

From 2010 to 2014, I obtained a predoctoral grant (VALI+D program) funded by the Generalitat Valenciana (GV). During my PhD I had the opportunity to perform several international collaboration with the Universidade do Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil) in the interuniversity Spanish-Brasilian collaboration program, and national level with the Universidad de Cantabria (UC), which served to acquire scientific skills necessary for my thesis project and to build links with other laboratories for future collaborations. On July 2014, I defended my PhD entitled “Study of the zinc recovery from spent pickling baths (SPBs) coming from the hot dip galvanizing industries using electrochemical technologies”, at the UPV, obtaining my doctorate with the CUM LAUDE distinction.

Afterwards, I was hired as a post-doctoral researcher (PDR) in the Jaume I University (2015), where I worked together with a researcher from the Sharif U. of Tech. in the electrochemical characterization of Perovskites solar cells. From 2015 to 2017, I was a PDR at the UPV of the VALI+D program, a competitive call funded by the GV. During the first year of this postdoctoral grant I worked on the chlorine reduction during zinc electrodeposition at the UPV and, at the second year, I did a one year stay at the UC, where I acquired new scientific skills on the electro-oxidation of per-fluorinated compounds. After, I was hired by the UC thanks to the GRADISAL project. In this project, I have carried out the set-up of the reverse electrodialysis stack and I learnt about the blue energy technology. Nowadays, I am hired by the UPV in the LIFE-2-ACID project which main aim is the technology transference by the construction of a reactor that combine the membrane technology together with an electrochemical reactor. The
purpose of this technology is the achievement of reintroducing the zinc lost in the SPBs again into the molten zinc bath. Furthermore, a ferric chloride solution is also obtained and it can be reassessed as a coagulant for the conventional wastewater treatment plants.

I have actively participated in 9 regional, national and EU R&D projects obtained in competitive calls and two contracts with private entities. During my career I have published 17 documents in peer-reviewed journals, 14 of them are located in the 1st Q of JCR, and 1 conference paper. Amongst them, there are 2 documents in collaboration with international researchers, Angela Kasper and Sara Rahimnejad. Besides, on the other hand, I have participated in 23 international and national congresses. Regarding higher education academic activity, I have teached at undergraduate and master levels. Finally, I have recently taken part in 3 science dissemination events.